Underwriting Opportunities

Reach Our Audience with Unique Underwriting Options

AVNation’s underwriting opportunities are a little different from traditional advertising sponsorships—and with reason. As an independent voice in the AV industry, we need to avoid any options that give the perception of pay-to-play or preferential treatment between the media site and the partner company.

The underwriting model we have adopted is like what you find with NPR and public television. As an underwriter, you are recognized as an important part of keeping AVNation independent and enabling us to pursue the stories that are most important to the AV industry.

There are two types of underwriting that you can participate in:

  • Traditional underwriting (three annual plans to consider)
  • Trade show underwriting (two show specific plans to consider)

Reach your target audience through our blogs, podcasts, monthly newsletters, and website. Get all the details in our media kit. Simply complete the form and download.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to use our contact form.

AVNation Media Kit for Underwriters