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AVNation on Tour

AVNation is the network for the audio visual industry. They are also a great group of moderators, hosts, and master of ceremonies. Enhance your next event by having a member of AVNation host your next conference or meeting.



Why chose AVNation?

AVNation started in 2011 as a fellowship of audio visual professionals wanting to share knowledge. While we’ve grown considerably over the years, we’re still a community where everyone is welcome to share ideas, make new friends, and celebrate the AV industry. We are a talented group of AV professionals who also know how to interview and moderate a panel on technology and AV because we live it every day.


What can they speak about?

PSNI185_SMP1509.jpgSince we all work in the AV industry we can talk about the practical aplications of the technology you and your clients use on a daily basis. In addition, we have given presentations on network security, IoT, Net Neutrality, digital rights management, control and the future of control, social media marketing, content creation, and more.

Where can they speak?

Our team has spoken at conferences throughout North America and around the world. Wherever your event is being held, they can get there. For more information, fill out the form above.


Our Real Clients

It can feel risky, hiring someone you don’t know to speak at your event. Our track record speaks for itself – see what others have to say about AVNation

“As part of our 10th anniversary Supersummit business conference, we changed-up our format by including a moderator/facilitator to manage the on-stage presence of our conference.  Our first choice to do the job was Tim Albright.  He took on that role and delivered beyond our expectations—bringing not only his technology expertise but his attention to detail, relaxed interviewing style and his spot-on stage presence to keep the pace moving and panelists and speakers engaged with the audience.  He was at just at easy with our internationally recognized speakers as he was with our expert panelists—always bringing out the best in everyone. 

Engaging, comedic, knowledgeable, well prepared and a true professional are just a few of the words that come to mind when summarizing our experience with Tim Albright.

From the first planning meeting to the final on-stage “thank you”, Tim Albright was all-in and a great addition to the conference.  Already planning for next year together!